Our Environment

SHE Week 2019

A Green Legacy

Our environment is more than just our responsibility, it is our legacy. Banagas is committed to taking all necessary measures and precautions to prevent damage to the environment and comply with all environmental legislation and regulations enacted in the Kingdom of Bahrain. This is reflected by the Company’s unwavering focus towards transparency in monitoring environmental parameters, greening the supply chain through green procurement, and in implementing life cycle assessments.

SHE Awareness Campaigns

Part of Banagas’ Occupational Safety, Health and Environmental policy is to provide occupational safety, health and environmental awareness and training programs enabling Management, employees and contractors to meet their respective responsibilities.

Banagas publishes environmental bulletins, conducts Safety, Health & Environment (SHE) training for all employees annually, organizes an annual SHE week with various themes, has an established SHE Representatives committee to increase awareness at departmental level, sends employees to external training on environmental topics and regularly hold SHE competitions.

A Committment to Prevent Pollution

The Commitment to pollution prevention was formalized with the attainment of the ISO 14001 certification. In order to counter the effects of environmental pollution, the emission measurements from the stacks at Banagas facilities are being monitored regularly under the observation of the Supreme Council for the Environment representatives

Readings are periodically reported to them and a detailed technical study has been performed to evaluate the environmental impacts of any concern caused by Banagas activities.

Banagas Desert Plants Garden

At every turn Banagas has been a company observing it's duty to preserving and improving it's environment through a number of environmental action campaigns. One of the most applauded and successful is this planting of 2,000 trees in the vicinity of Banagas facilities in the Bahrain Oil Field in support of the National Campaign to Protect the Environment.

Elimination of Ozone Depleting Gases

Banagas was the first Company in Bahrain to eliminate the use of halons in firefighting systems, replacing them with more environmental friendly ozone-protective products, pursuant to the resolutions of the Montreal Protocol to which Bahrain is signatory.

Meeting NOx Regulations

Banagas successfully managed to reduce the NOx level from the exhaust of the gas turbines at Compressor Stations following the installation of Lean Head End modifications to their combustion systems liners meeting regulations enacted in the Kingdom of Bahrain's legislation.

Environmental Compliance Plan

Efforts to minimize any negative impact to the environment from Company operations continue. An “Environment Compliance Plan” has been developed for environment projects and has received the approval of the Environmental Authority. These efforts were rewarded with certification to the environmental standard ISO 14001 by Bureau Veritas.

Sports at Banagas

Banagas encourages it's employees to lead healthy and active lifestyles by organizing a number of sporting and athletic events for them to participate in.

Over the years Banagas has had the great privilege of supporting some of the Kingdom of Bahrain's most prominent and promising athletes and most high profile athletic events.