Working Hand in Hand

The Trade Union is permanent, continuous and democratic organization run by workers to work in conjunction with management. Since 1984, management has worked closely with employees through the Joint Labor Committee to improve Banagas' working environment and the social welfare of all employees, to encourage increased productivity, to strengthen working relationships between Management and employees and establish channels for employees to voice their problems.

This Committee was later replaced by the Banagas Workers’ Trade Union, which continues to work tirelessly in conjunction with company management and contributes significantly to continuing success of the company. The Banagas Workers Trade Union was established on the 2nd November 2002 following the historic decision of His Majesty the King of Bahrain, Shaikh Hamad Bin Isa Al Khalifa, with respect to the formation of Trade Unions in accordance with Decree No. 33 for 2002.

Trade Union Objectives

  • Ensure employees safety
  • Represent employees in crucial management decisions affecting employees.
  • Ensure fair wages
  • Ensure employees safety
  • Improve work conditions
  • Improve work conditions socially and economically as well as working hours and ensure sufficient training
  • Protect workers from lay-off
  • Increase transport and social allowance
  • Enhance the relationship between the workers, union and company management
  • Facilitate communication between the union and company management
  • Ensure workers are informed of their rights
  • Represent employees in crucial management decisions affecting employees
  • Take on individual and collective issues and defend them

Trade Union Principles

The union’s aims to maintain these core principles and essential values under all circumstances.

  • Ensure solidarity amongst all local and International workers
  • Maintain the union's unit and protect workers interests
  • Reject racial, sexual and sectarian discrimination
  • Defends workers and promote freedom
  • Supports fair and just treatment for all

Community Responsibility

Banagas is engaged in continuous community outreach initiatives directed towards supporting and strengthening the social, cultural and economic infrastructure of Bahrain.

Community Responsibility has been a focal point, and many of the programs throughout the company’s existence revolve around this sense of responsibility towards the community, towards the environment and towards the nation.